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And because unassembled furniture took up so little space, the company didn''t need a lot of extra storage room. ''s ready-to-assemble furniture also provided immediate gratification: customers could walk out with what they wanted rather than wait weeks for delivery. In April 1980, he opened his first store with 35 styles of furniture. The pieces of the puzzle were all coming together. Sales in Canada were strong and soon needed more capital for inventory and expansion. At magnifier stretch watch the same time, in the united states, mr. harper was negotiating and ultimately sold his mail-order business to tandy brands, inc., a holding company in fort worth, texas. tandy brands coincidentally also felt the ready-to-assemble furniture concept was a potential retail store homerun and opened lamps its first two stores in 1980 followed by a handful of additional stores magnifier to test various markets. realizing the huge potential of the concept, tandy brands wanted to own the concept for all of north america and, in 1981, bought the canadian rights lamps from with continuing to manage the canadian operation.recipe for success was convenience, magnifier value and fashion.

some simple assembly is required on most furniture.what products do lamps you carry online, compared to what you carry in your retail stores magnifier or in your catalogs?we attempt to sell the majority of our catalog and retail store products on our web site. if you find an item that you would like to purchase that is not sold on our web site, please call our customer service department to make your purchase. call toll free why should i register as a on-line shopper?registering as a on-line shopper gives you the benefit of already having your personal information on our web site when you begin shopping. since your information has already been submitted, you are able to checkout without re-entering your shipping information each time that you purchase from the site. plus we are able to track your purchases, so you can review your order history at any time. to register, go to the shopper registration section under customer service.

for more information please call or visit lamps your local store or call. you can use the store locator feature on the web site to locate the store nearest you.designer sales we also offer a professional discount for designers in the trade. if you are a practicing designer with credentials, we are pleased to invite you to join our . as a member you will receive many special privileges. designer circle card privileges20% off all regular price purchases on behalf of a client receive catalogs filled with distinctive home furnishings receive notice of exciting new arrivals and special events please visit your local store to pick up an application or contact us with your mailing address at and we will be glad to send you an application.

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